I am Dr. Dave and for more than 20 years I have specialized in working with children, adolescents and adults with severe and complex mental health issues.  I have designed my private practice to be intentionally small, hands-on and flexible so that I can go the extra mile for my clients.   Many of my clients present with:

  • Severe and complicated issues with mental focus and processing such as inattention, learning disabilities, deficits in self-awareness and/or self-regulation

  • Severe and debilitating issues associated with emotions such as anxiety, depression, and/or intense and variable moods

  • Significant developmental delays such as academic underachievement, poor social functioning, and "failure to launch" (amongst teens and young adults)

  • Behavioral problems at school or home, such as aggression, defiance, and/or school refusal.

Join the growing group of people who have experienced clarity and peace of mind by finding the right help even when they thought none existed.   


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“Dr. Hoffman is a rare combination of remarkable knowledge with a warm, down-to-earth...working style.  He expertly adapts to meet each client’s needs and invariably comes up with unique and highly effective solutions.”  Audrey Boutaugh, MBA, MS  Principal, High School, Inc.  Hartford, CT

“Dr. Hoffman connects beautifully with young people and their families.”  Julie Swanson, Child & Family Advocate, Your Special Child, CT  

“Dr. Hoffman transformed my son” Review on www.healthgrades.com.

We wanted to express our deepest gratitude for helping us navigate the most challenging time in our lives as parents, giving us hope and reassurance, and most importantly, the skills and strategies to help our child.  Thank you for working tirelessly on our behalf with the school to implement a smooth and successful plan for supporting our child without any fear of stigma, and for always being available by email/phone/in person when we needed your advice.  Your work is truly life-changing. Parent, Lexington, MA

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David Hoffman, PhD

Clinical & Pediatric Psychologist,
Behavior Change Strategist









661 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 5

Arlington, MA  02476

“✭✭✭✭✭” Patient satisfaction rating on www.healthgrades.com
"Dr. Hoffman can only adequately be described as a sort of master magician working clinical magic where others have produced few results."
Dr. Scott Abbott, Arete Psychological Services, North Haven, CT